Measuring your organization’s creative capability

You’re going to measure the creative capacity of your organization.

We’re going to ask you questions about the behaviors that exist in your organization. These behaviors are an indicator of the presence of this capability, which can be supported by a variety of organizational devices. Please answer honestly, as the results should allow you to take a step back and identify areas for improvement.

At the end of the questionnaire (lasting between 5 and 7 minutes), you’ll be presented with an assessment of your organization’s creative capacity, creative climate and creative output, along with some tips on how to improve the situation. The answers are based on a model of the creative capabilities of organizations developed from an international survey of almost 1,000 respondents working in organizations of various sizes in multiple sectors.

The information gathered in this form will be stored in a computerized file by the CERAG laboratory. By clicking « Start questionnaire, » you consent to the use of your responses for research purposes to enhance the Creative Capabilities of Organizations model. The collected data will only be accessible to Guy Parmentier, a CERAG researcher. Providing your company’s name is not mandatory for receiving test results, but it may assist in refining our analysis. Following research ethics, the data will be anonymized before any statistical processing and dissemination of research findings.


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